Soul Care, God's Way

Caring for your soul takes time, energy and commitment. Spiritual growth doesn’t occur in a vacuum but it happens in relationship; with God and with others. Soul care, God’s way, is a life-long journey that will transform you from the inside out. It will impact those that God entrusts to your care.

This 100 page book offers practical instruction and includes worksheets after  each chapter that will guide you in working through the concepts. Soul Care, God's Way can easily be adapted for mini-workshops or a weekend retreat.

Table of Content

Introduction of Concepts:

What is Soul Care
Soul Care is a journey
Soul Care takes time
Soul Care, God’s way
Soul Care involves three stages

Part 1 Taking off the mask and becoming vulnerable
• We really need to get in touch with what we feel
• Inviting the Holy Spirit to search our heart
• Worksheets: Emotions a,b,c,d

Part 2 What is your life story telling you
• God is a Master Gardener at work in our hearts
• The Preparing
• The Planting
• The Process
• Worksheets: The Me I See a, b, c
• Threads of purpose
• Defining story

Part 3 Becoming engaged with God and our real self
• Job's fear
• Job's response: I'm Ready to Shut Up and Listen
• Seeing God
• Proven Faith
• Worksheet:  Becoming Engaged with God and our real self

Part 4 How God develops our life story
• Joseph the Dreamer: God gives a dream
• Joseph the Favored: Effects of childhood
• Joseph the Braggart: Immaturity in the calling
• The call of God is progressive

Part 5 Going deeper by slowing the pursuit of purpose
• Elijah’s day of miracles
• A Journey with God
• A Place of desolation
• Elijah hears God Whisper
• Worksheets: Where are you?

Part 6 Going deeper by abiding in the vine
• Abiding through the word
• Abiding through relationship
• Abiding in Him through sorrows journey
• A catalyst for change
• Jeremiah’s journey
• Worksheet: Resting in God

Part 7 What does God see
• Whatever is He thinking?
• What did God see is Gideon?
• God wants us to share our story
• Gifts & Callings
• Square pegs
• Round holes
• Worksheet: Forward Thinking

Part 8 Maintaining a deeper walk with Him
• He desires to have our attention
• David’s secret
• David’s heart
• Developing a closer walk
• Holy Habits
• Practicing His presence

• Chapter Summaries
• For those in leadership