April 21, 2012

Tips for buying a new bible

Buying a new bible is a very interesting thing.  There are so many choices.

1.  Do you want "big print"?

2.  How about a "skinny bible", one that is easy to carry around like the Thinline?

3.  Do you care about the "gender" of your Bible?  Some come in pink, others come camouflaged.  Some bibles are even named for different genders, with titles like "Hugs Bible for Women or "Dude Reads".

3.  Then there is the amazing bible on Amazon called the Outdoor Bible.  It's snow proof, sleet proof and waterproof.  There are bibles for toddlers, teens, married couples and everything in between.

4.  What translation do you prefer to read?  

5.  You can even decide "who" do you want to read it to you?  There is Max Lucado, John Maxwell and many others.

I chose the John MacArthur study bible version.


  • I like the print size
  • I like study bibles
  • My preference is for New King James Version but I do use on-line parallel bibles to explain, illustrate or expand the verse I am reading
  • I like space to write in my bible

But there is another "why"?  

Why did I buy a new bible?

Every so often I decide to buy a new bible.  This is because:

1.  In some ways a new bible is like a "clean slate" with God. I begin reading asking the Holy Spirit to reveal His word to me in new and different ways. 
2.  Sometimes as I read - I find myself being drawn to previous underlined passages and notes.  This can be a good thing because it is a reminder of previous promises that have ministered and kept me through many seasons.  But it can also deter my heart from seeing something new and fresh as I read because my eye is drawn to the underlined passages.

3.  The downside is that I am "lost" as it is harder to find the scripture, the references from well-turned pages.  But it also makes me more aware and alert to reading, researching and feeding on God's word.

This is my own quirky reason why I buy a new bible every so often.  

So how do you choose your bible and why?

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ladibugcrazi said...

Before my mom passed away she gave me her Bible that she had which is a learning/study Bible from some classes she attended. Another Bible is the family Bible that my mom gave me when I got married to use at the wedding for the readings and she let me keep it. There was another Bible I recently gave to my son that he had received for a first communion gift so many years ago that he was too young to keep himself, So, I made use of it for many years until finally just a few years ago at age 25 I felt he was ready for it and would use it regularly now. That Bible was a gift to my son from my mom .....hmmmm