March 28, 2012

How to discover God's will in prayer

"Teach me, touch me, change me," have been cries of my heart this year as I have set myself apart to fast and pray.  And "teach me" is what He has been doing.  I know that out of that "teaching" there will come touching and changing as I begin to experience, putting into practice, what He has been talking to me about.

Learning more about prayer has been a journey of many months that has seen me on my face countless times before Him.  Can I share with you some thoughts about:

  1. Why it's necessary to pray "Thy kingdom come".
  2. What is God's purpose in prayer?
  3. How can I discover God's purpose and will for my life in regards to praying more effectively? 

Kingdom Prayer

Jesus gave us the model for praying in Matthew 6:9-10
  • It starts with relationship, "Our Father"
  • Asking for His kingdom to come and His will to be done on EARTH 
The church (Body of Christ as a whole) is to be a reflection of His kingdom on earth.

Marriage and families are to be an illustration of His kingdom here on earth.

WHERE does Satan attack - marriages, families, churches.  How we need to pray that God's kingdom come upon each of these!

How do we align ourselves to seeking His will as we pray
  • We need to read His word as this is where He reveals His will
  • Reading His word and praying builds relationship with Him, as Father
  • Leave your "shopping list" of prayers aside and begin to pray asking Him to speak to you about what He wants

Prayer is a way for you to be an instrument for God to do what He wants.

  • Then can ask for the needs of others, along with your own.

How can you discover God's will in prayer

Romans 12:1-8 give specific instructions:
  • Present your body as a living sacrifice.  Your life really isn't your own anymore but have you surrendered all of who and what you are to Him?
  • Only after you have completely surrendered to Him can your mind become transformed.  As time is spent being aware of Him in your life, meditating on His word and praying, it is then that change in thinking begins to occur.  
  • There is a humbleness that comes into a heart that allows God to be central to life and living.  There is a soberness (not meaning that you cannot have fun or laughter) but meaning a recognition of the holiness of God where our hearts cry "hallowed by thy name'.  There is a realistic and practical understanding of our place within the Body of Christ (the church as a whole, as part of the Bride of Christ).
  • It is only in being aware of your place in this Body that His will begins to be made known as you may be "the hand" and someone else "the foot".  We have need of each other to work together in demonstration of His kingdom.
  • When you find your place (within the Body of Christ) it is often only then that God will give to you the gifts that are needed to be used where He has placed you.
  • But it all starts with presenting your body as a living sacrifice, for His kingdom use.
There is an invisible kingdom that operates in power and might. It works inwardly within our very beings but the evidence is to be seen outwardly.

One glorious day there will be an outward kingdom, visible to all when the King returns to sit on the throne.

He wants us to partner with Him in ushering in this kingdom with effective praying aligned to His will.  

And as we seek to do His will there is a promise in Matthew 6:33
"Seek you first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you."

God is beginning to stir hearts like never before; hearts hungry to see the hand of God move like never before with outpourings of fresh visitations and workings of the Holy Spirit.

It is time for the Bride of Christ to become a warrior bride, joining our prayers together to become a force to be reckoned with.

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