March 28, 2012

Is your soul dry?

 In the fog drenched dawn of light, my soul pondered the dryness of leaves still curled on dormant branches.
 In stormy areas of life, where heavy things seem to find their way inside, there is life still happening even when it appears lifeless.
 Sometimes we spend a lot of effort forcing ourselves to be people that we are not supposed to be.It is hard to walk a path that is not ours to walk.
Tugging in my heart is the thought that transformation of our soul is not the act of will or of suppression. Have the lines of our lives blurred with everyone else's that we reflect images of others and not of Him?
Do you sometimes wonder if you are missing something?  You have seen others grow in leaps and bounds spiritually but all you see is the "ugly" of your own.
The outer bark of your life has become rough and uneven, cracked and peeling.  
Fruit appears non-existent.
Yet deep within our very core God is at work in the rings of our lives. Faith is being lived out. Information now becomes experience as inward life begins to push off old bark.The trunk that is our very spirit begins to enlarge as God makes His presence known in every widening intimacy.
And so we stand, feet firmly planted.
Knowing that He is firmly establishing us according to His own will and purpose.
Gently lifted from Biblia

 Other photo's courtesy of Stockvault

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