February 09, 2012

The Greatest Gift: Prayer

My soul waits in silence for God only  Psalm 62:1

Whirring winds of rushing thought
Are silenced
As in quiet stillness
I pause
In this moment
As I wait for You only
In unwavering trust
Though I don’t understand
All the time

Tangible tokens
From treasured friends
I hold
As I sit before Your Grace
Begging prayers
Of desperate pleas
That thrums with the beat
Of an aching heart
Tears falling like hard rain
He has to hear
Their sound as they drop
Onto His sandaled feet
As I reach for His compassion
To touch the hurt so deep
Within the reeling world
Of treasured friends

Unwavering faith
Trembles on lips
That have tasted grace
So I pray
For His balm for the bleeding
The hurt and those who have lost their way
Christ take it
And bear it

 I often hold "tangible" items from treasured friends as I pray for them.  A bracelet made as a gift; a painted shell; a sand dollar, a stone, a card, an image captured, a rock...


Anonymous said...

To care, so deply, about treasured friends.......that's quite a gift Maria........a gift for which I am extremely grateful..........much peace and love to you my friend......Norma

Maria Egilsson said...

Oh Norma, it is an honour to have friends, like you.