January 28, 2012

Stalled Dreams

Does it seem that you are going through the motions of your life but there is no sense of purpose or meaning to what you are doing?  Yet, at the same time there is a longing for something “more” and you know that this present reality is not “it”?

It may be that a series of life events have left you tired and exhausted and it is time for you to rest and recharge the batteries of your soul.

God may also have changed the way the call of God “looks” in your life and you may need to spend time seeking His direction once again.

Or, this season of your life may be to focus on what is in your life presently and what God has whispered to you may yet be for the future.

Then there are times that God wants to take the time for us to be healed of past events and emotions.  If there are unresolved issues these can often become self-sabotaging mechanisms.  Like the Israelites who walked around the desert for 40 years without entering the promised land.  They still had a “victim” mentality from their time in Egypt and found it hard to press in to the promises that God had given to them.

When we ignore our reality and the truth of our behaviour we become “stalled” until we allow the light of God into each and every situation of the past, the present and the future.

You may find that my ebook, Soul Care, God's Way, is a good resource that will help you become “unstuck” by exploring the present reality of your soul.

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