December 28, 2011

Sacred Conversations

Sacred conversations
Daring to converse with the Holy One
With broken pleas
Of unspoken needs
A painful walk
But I am His
And He is mine
Windows of my soul
He has washed with His precious blood
Spilled from a broken and splintered cross
His love is slowly unveiling me
This one so needy of His grace
Beautiful in the love light
Of His eyes
As I kneel at the hem of His garment
Eternity matters
In the here and now
For I am a soul
Wrapped in frail humanity
In this sacred place where angels whisper


Desiray said...

I like this sis I am going to share this one on my facebook page..God bless you /

Maria Egilsson said...

Desiray, you are more than welcome to share. Thank you and blessings to you.