December 26, 2011

He will test you before He uses you


Matthew 14:22-36 the boat was buffeted by waves.. "It's a ghost," they cried out in fear…"Lord, if it's you, Peter replied, tell me to come to you on the water." Peter got out of the boat heedless of the waves and walked on the water toward Jesus. "But when he saw the wind, he was afraid and, beginning to sink, Jesus reached out his hand and caught him. "You of little faith," he said, "why did you doubt?"

On a stormy sea your boat does sail.
The wind is strong and your ship does fail.
The waves are high and the storm is long.
You don’t think that you can last for long.
You’ve tried your best to no avail
As strength is gone and hope is frail.
When you think that life is through
It is then He comes to rescue you.
You are not sure of what you see,
Is it a ghost that calls to thee?
The thrashing waves obscure your view
But you are sure He has called to you.
You take a step out of the boat
And faith in Him keeps you afloat.
But all at once the wind does blow
And your feet begin to slow;
Sinking in the briny flow.
He lifts you up and calms the sea.
Only you He does rebuke.
What is this? Your heart does ache.
Peter, He is readying you
For a task which He calls you to.
This is His training ground for you.

God calls each of us to a very personal walk with Him. He will deepen the call that He has put within your soul. He will test you and prove you before He will use you further. There will come a time though when He is ready to enlarge that which you have already been proven faithful in. Then comes your time of testing, just like it was for Peter. God wants to do something new; something that you may sense in your spirit but you are not quite aware of the details yet or if this really is God nudging you to step out of your "boat".  Just like Peter was unsure at first, not recognizing who was coming towards him on the water. It is wise to make sure it is Him by asking, like Peter did, “Lord, is it You?. Then, if you are sure it is Him, step out of that boat no matter what you see around you. Your faith may be unsteady because you have never walked this way before but He is with you and He will steady you. His plan He will make known to you more clearly as you begin to walk this new journey with Him.

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