December 21, 2011

Do You Want To Be Used By God

Do you want to be used of God?  

Here are 4 basic principles that are foundational to stepping out with God.

1. What do you have in your hand?

This is a question God asked Moses in Exodus 4:1-2.  God had already given Moses a rod and it was this rod that he was to use.

So often we pray asking God to use us, to gift us, while He is trying to get our attention to that which He has already given.

What has He given you?  

He often works through our natural temperament and ability to reach those around us.  

Sometimes we value certain gifts more than others but not God.  He asks us to use what He has already given.  Then He anoints as we begin to step out to use what is already within our temperament or possession.

2.  He calls us to act.

There are 4 sick men who are sitting around in 2 Kings 7:3.  They had come to a point of desperation and realization.  They knew that sitting in this same place was not going to help them.  In fact, if they didn't do something they would die and they declare "Why sit here until we die?"

Once they began to move, God magnified their actions and caused a miracle to occur, a victory was won. And I’m sure in the lives of these 4 men as well.

God does require that we act.  There is a time to wait and be still before God, but there is also a time He tells us to "move".

3.  Use what you have.

God wants us to use what He has given to us even if, in our eyes, it doesn't seem like much.  Sometimes He asks us to use what we have in a sacrificial way.  There is a cost to moving with God.  He gave us His Son and others have given of their lives, resources and talents.

A widow woman in 1Kings 17:16 had only one meal left, just enough for her and her son. Yet she made a meal for Elijah, giving out of want and need….

God multiplied what she had so it never ran out during the years of famine in the land.

When we are faithful in the little, God may increase the call on our lives.  And if we don't use what we have, oh what we miss in seeing how God magnifies and uses what we so humbly share.

4.  Give what you have even if it doesn't seem enough.

The gospels tell a touching tale of a young boy with 5 loaves and 2 fishes.
This small lunch to feed thousands?  Can you not hear the laughter of some in the crowd, mocking and sneering?

Yet this young lad gave what he had and Jesus gently took the offering and blessed it and then broke it.

Even when it doesn’t seem like enough, you give what you have.  Jesus will bless and cause increase.  Sometimes there are seasons of brokenness and you may wonder what has happened.  But out of brokenness many more will be touched by the gift you have given.

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Desiray said...

Great article my dear...Love it I for one want to be used by God and I thank Him for using me the way that He does even if it's something small.

Maria Egilsson said...

God asks that we are faithful in the "little", the small and then He brings increase; as He has with you dear Desiray.

Anonymous said...

Great questions Maria..........answers too ! I often wondered how I could be used by don't question how.....or why . I just try to listen intently.......then....just act.....move ! Being obedient.....the key I think ! Thanks for the article.....peace and love.......Norma

Maria Egilsson said...

Norma, I think you have highlighted "the key" - "try to listen intently, then, just act, move". It may be God asks us to pray today for certain situations that He lays on our hearts, or a phone call, a note, to someone that He brings to our attention. Thanks Norma, you are a wise and lovely soul.