October 10, 2011

When the bottom drops out (Book Review)

Everyone will experience disappointment sometime in their life and that is what Robert Bugh writes about in his book, When the bottom drops out.  The writing style of this book is conversational and easy to read. It follows the horrible events leading up to the death of the author’s wife shortly after the devastating death of a best friend.

On the positive side, the author is very open about his own grief journey and the extremely painful months that left him shaken.  “Rob’s tragedy also brought him into a stronger, deeper relationship with God, and forced him to reevaluate his own approach to dealing with grief.”  His transparency and vulnerability brings fresh hope and glimpses of grace to the reader.

On the “not so positive side”, the author mixes in the grief over the loss of his best friend which had me questioning “why” this was as equally painful as the death of his wife.  As the book ends up being more “autobiographical” in nature, Bugh shares the falling in love with the widow of his best friend and they eventually marry. So this gives the context of the “why” the equal grief over his best friend. The author then continues the book sharing the joys and struggles of step-parenting. 

I felt that the “two” messages in the book detracted from what I thought would have been the main theme of the book which was that “while pain and disappointment are an unavoidable part of life, God is nonetheless faithful, holding us close at all times and in all circumstances.”         

Therefore my review is mixed as I would have wanted more references to the Bible and tools for others in order to encourage them in their journey. However, as an autobiographically account of God’s grace, it is good.

I thank Tyndale House Publishers for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book for my honest review...

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