September 21, 2011

The Call Of Change

Softly the feathered trumpet players, with their chorus of ages, rise as their wings lift and fall in a symphony of joy.  The autumn sun warms their wings but the call of frost is in their raucous cries.  Like an arrow released from the taut strings of a bow the geese rise as one to embrace the prairie sky.

Fall serenades their leaving as bronzed crisp leaves chortle and dance between the corn rows and ripe pumpkins release their amber spice even as frost nips in the early morning air.

A kaleidoscope of memories besieges the heart when the geese fly south as their honk heralds the changing of seasons once again.  Time has passed and God captures our attention to the stirring geese as heralds of the coming change.  With subtle flutters and whispers like the gentle turning of a page God is moving us into a new season with Him.

His story of grace is to be interwoven upon the fabric of our heart and He writes His will in our souls as the warm breezes of summer begin to cool making room for the work of winter.

Winter will bring a new chapter into your life.  A season of cold but also a season of anticipated life.  A letting go, a releasing of things that must be allowed to rest in order for roots to grow deep beneath the frost and ice.  Winter is a gift from God.

Can you hear the call of change and are you ready to embrace it?

  “Everything that happens to you has come through the hedge of His love.” Elisabeth Elliot

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