August 20, 2011

How to get out of a slump

Have you been in a slump lately?  Finding it hard to get motivated again?  You are not alone.  It happens to the best, and the worst, of us.  I have been struggling with this myself lately. 

I've discovered that I am in this slump because too much has been, and is going on in my life.  There is too much pulling at my attention, focus and energy.  Yet the spark of motivation is there.  However, I have made a mistake and tried to do too much all at once.

This course of action quickly overwhelms and then I find I am back in a slump but with the frustration of "unfinished" projects or tasks.  This leads to even more frustration.

So after a period of reflection I realize that I need to "start small".  By starting small I can rebuild the habit(s) that have gone by the wayside over the past year because of all the turmoil.

Starting small means setting one goal.  Having one small goal prevents the feeling of being overwhelmed especially if it involves only a consistent, small step. 

That one goal should be a target that is not difficult to reach.  It should focus on the "now" and not on an end result that is still in the future.  It should be a goal that is concrete and attainable.

Getting out of a slump also involves being open to the fluidity of life that God has ordained for you.  There will always be changing currents throughout each season of life that we find ourselves to be in.  So learn to be open to the unfolding moment of today and "go with the flow".  There is always tomorrow.

God's word is the lamp unto your feet and a light to your path
Ps 119:105

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