July 20, 2011

Follow Your Heart Is More Than A Cliche

Would you like to follow what God has whispered into your heart, but you feel uncertain? Do you start and then self-doubt clouds your mind? Welcome to the club! This is something all of us face when we sense God stirring us to move forward.

There is a battle
There is a battle that occurs between your heart and your mind.

The mind tells you that “you cannot” or any other myriad of thoughts that help to keep you stuck. On the other hand, the mind collects information and data. It is the voice of common sense and brings restraint (in a good way) to a heart that often runs on pure emotions.

The heart connects to something bigger than the logic of the mind - it connects more easily to the spiritual. Yet the heart is often impulsive, definitely emotion driven and easily deceived.

This is where the battle begins because the mind wants to know:

• The why
• The who
• The what
• The when
• The how

Following your heart DOES mean gleaning information as well from our mind (intellect) and also from our intuition. These three elements are crucial when making a decision but as a Christian there is another element that is equally important:

Sometimes it does take a leap of faith

Our instinct, our “gut” is sensing that God is nudging. We feel it in our heart and our mind has catalogued similar nudges that seem to be leading the same way. An example of this is found in Genesis 12. God calls Abraham to go to a land which he would be shown. Abraham did not even know where he was going and all the evidence he had was the Word of God.

Abraham is known to us as a great man of God, but he started out as an idol worshipper in a heathen land. This encourages us to know that God finds us where we are and like He did with Abraham, He will often ask us to step out beyond what we can see in the natural.

Sometimes you only have to know your next step and that often comes by listening to your heart, your mind and your “gut” balanced out with the Word of God.

“Follow your heart” is more than a cliché because it means that you “believe in something” and that brings faith right into the crux of what “following your heart” means.

Moving forward

Not everyone has the same passion, the same desires, the same call or purpose from God. Each of us needs to pay attention to the desires of our own heart. God put those passions in our heart for a reason – He wants to use us in that area.

Another step would be to discover the natural and supernatural gifts that God has given to you. Then applying yourself to learn and grow. Of course, it means stepping out into those areas and having them confirmed by others.

If you would like to work through the “how to discover God’s purpose for your life” there are many excellent resources on the internet or you may find my eBook, Soul Care, God’s Way, a helpful resource as it involves worksheets that will help you discover what God has been whispering to you so you can “follow your heart”

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