April 23, 2011

Hope Restored

Life has a way of sending us curve balls that we are unprepared for. We are ambushed by situations that we did not see coming our way. Weary and worn, faith is torn and lays tattered at our feet.

Our soul is pierced by disappointment. Dreams are shattered and hope grows dim. Satan shows no mercy as he looks for opportunities to take advantage of. Satan will use our disappointment as a tool to try and make us lose heart and confidence in a God who loves us beyond measure.

What will it take to restore our hope? Not more empty words of shallow saints who have never been in this place but try their best to care and help. Like Job’s friends who came when they heard of the calamity that had befallen their friend. They cried at the sight of him in so much pain.

For seven days and nights they sat with their friend who was so bowed with grief that he could not speak. But once Job started to share of his despair they found it hard to listen. Quickly they responded with their own advice and quoted scripture to prove their points. Encounters like this tear at our soul for words spoken out of season take its toll. Platitudes are not the cure to help the one whose step is unsure.

Unfeigned faith is hard to find
when we are walking on rocky ground.
The road ahead is forked in two
and clear direction is not ours to view.
One path will lead to further pain
as we drift further from Him who calls our name.
The other path is hard to see
but it is on this road that He waits for thee.

What will it take to restore our hope?
An encounter with Him is what we need most.
The Holy Spirit stirs within giving us a fresh glimpse of Him.
We find our soul is drawn to seek
the One whose love directs our feet.

He reaches down to take our hand
and in His strength we now can stand.
He bids us come along this way to press on until that day.
This world is but a stepping stone;
a journey to our heavenly home.
Hope restored and faith renewed
this is the message of “good news”.

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