January 19, 2011

A Tree Shaken (Fall devotional poem)

Those that are planted in the house of the LORD
will flourish in the courts of God.     PSALM 92:13

Father, at times You enter our life

With gale force winds that gust and blow.

Like a tree that is whipping

And bowing in its force, so are we.

Your cleansing hurricane loosens all

That needs to be blown out of our life.

Your breath blows away the last remnants

That try to cling to stripped branches

Until we stand as a bare,

Stark tree before Your face.

LORD we submit our lives into Your care.

Cause our roots to go down deep

Into Your love.

Your word promises

That those who are planted

In the house of the LORD, will flourish

In the courts of our God.

Father, let green leaves and fruit

Flower once again

As we learn to abide in You.

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