January 05, 2011

How to reflect on God's word part 2

Proverbs 4: 20-23 My son, attend to my words; incline thine ear unto my sayings. Let them not depart from thine eyes; keep them in the midst of thine heart. For they are life unto those that find them, and health to all their flesh. Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life.

God's Word is the very breath I breathe.  It is manna to a heart that is hungry.  It is water to a soul parched from walking through scorching deserts.  It is an anchor that holds steady when I am rocked to my very core.  It keeps me, sustains me, and challenges me.  God's Word is where I encounter the One who has captured my heart. 

We all have stories that are created by life experiences.  My story is one of survival; a story of a wounded child.  I now see this life journey as a gift because it is that which causes me to drink so frequently from the water of His word. 

I search and seek after a deeper relationship with Him.  But I am very conscious that this also comes with responsibility.   A responsibility to apply what I learn to my personal life first and then to share so others can learn.

Part one lists 6 steps all of these can be incorporated by using scriptures in a reflective manner when you pray. So come as I share with you the sacredness of my time before His throne of grace and mercy last night.

The scene:
Quietly music is playing as I sit with my bible open upon my knee.  Pen, highlighters and notepaper are close at hand.  The "office" door is closed as I cloister myself alone with God.  No phone, no internet, no distractions.

The mood:
My heart is heavy as tears of anguish stream down my face.  Six months of ill and ailing parents (read 
Clay Pots) have taken it's toll.  The emotional fall-out from dysfunctional family dynamics stings tonight.  A darkness seems to creep around the corners of my mind as I sense the lurking tendrils of devilish schemes that watch a weary soul.

The Word
Psalm 141 & 142

The Prayer
I read the scriptures and pen the words as I pray through them.

Psalm 141:2  Lord, let my prayer be set before you as incense.  The lifting of my hands as the evening sacrifice.  My eyes are upon You, O Lord.  (141:8)

Father, I pray that my life will be one of praise to you even in the midst of dark situations that press against the light of my soul.

Ps 142:3  When my spirit is overwhelmed I cry and pour out that which concerns me.  (142:2).  You alone know my path and the way in which I should walk.  (142:3).

Satan sets secret snares that sometimes catch me unawares (142:3).  In bewilderment I am brought very low by thoughts that darken and deceive. (142:6).  The snare is stronger than I am as  I weep before You.  God, You are Light and as I cry out (142:5) a sacrifice of praise rises as incense from my heart (141:2)

Prayer perfumes the night sky as from the censer of my heart I offer to You the cry of my soul.  Gently, like the rustling of silk, softly spoken supplications rise like wisps of smoke into Your throne room.  In sacrificial surrender I raise my hands, offering to You praises from a wounded heart.

Your Spirit stirs within as words of praise become weapons of war.  The snare is broken (142:3,7) as I find my refuge in You.  My soul is kept from the traps of the workers of the evil one (Ps 141: 9,10).  I am safe in You.

The Reminder
Writing down these words (I date them as well in my journal) is a reminder of God's faithfulness.  I will re-read them and be brought back to this entry again and again before this new year is done.

The Meditation
Today these words stand like a fortified wall within my heart.  They guard and gird me as I continue to walk this path laid before my feet.

The Receiving
My heart is open to listen to what His word has shown me.  By writing it down, I can review and remember.

Ellen Douglas wrote, "To be a writer is to bear witness to all that you have seen or heard."

Jesus said in Luke 7:22 "tell them what you have seen and heard."
And so I write....  of the gift God has given to us - His word.

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