January 28, 2011

God is moving in your life - are you ready?

God calls each of us to a very personal walk with Him. He will deepen the call that He has put within your soul. He will test you and prove you before He will use you further.

There will come a time though when He is ready to enlarge that which you have already been proven faithful in. Like He did with Job and Peter, God will take you through situations where your faith will be shaken and your soul exposed.

• In Job we saw a man in the rawest of emotions silent before the living God. Job had an encounter with God that marked him and changed him forever.

• Peter was sifted and tested because God wanted to do something new in His life. God wanted to build further in Peter’s life but the foundation had to steady and firm.

Our life story is not just “one event’. Accepting Christ is the start of our story and He develops it, chapter by chapter, as we learn to walk in authenticity, vulnerability and honesty before Him.

Connecting with God in a deeper way allows Him to do something new in our lives. Maybe there is something that you may sense in your spirit but you are not quite aware of the details yet or if this really is God nudging you to step out of your "boat".

Just like Peter was unsure at first, not recognizing who was coming towards him on the water. It is wise to make sure it is Him by asking, like Peter did, “Lord, is it You?.

Then, if you are sure it is Him, step out of that boat no matter what you see around you. Your faith may be unsteady because you have never walked this way before but He is with you and He will steady you.

His plan He will make known to you more clearly as you begin to walk this new journey with. He is not only waiting for you to take that first step but He is standing there bidding you to come.

Excerpt from Maria's ebook:
Soul Care God's Way
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