January 21, 2011

The Alabaster Jar: Book Review

The Alabaster Jar: "Deep Calls Unto Deep" by Anna Alden-Tirrill is a devotional book that is rich in content and spiritual insight. This 340 page book is compiled of a collection of quotes from women of faith throughout the centuries up to the present day.

There are 18 chapters and each page is a complete devotion that is sorted into one of these chapters. The Alabaster Jar is written for women. Anna Alden-Tirrill uses the wise insight of the women she quotes and then “fleshes” out the thought with wisdom of her own. This book was “written to help the women of today deal with the stresses and challenges of our modern world.”

The book is not a quick and easy read. It is thoughtful, deep and moving. It is reminiscent of books by Tozer and Chambers (My Utmost For His Highest). This book hooked me on the first sentence. It is a book that I read and then have to put it down for awhile as I mull and pondered what I have read. There is a depth in this book that makes it the kind of resource book I like to reach for again and again.

I prefer books like this one as a devotional but those that like something a bit lighter, that uses an everyday illustration, may not. The Alabaster Jar is a devotional book that is more contemplative with nuggets of gold sprinkled throughout its many pages.

This book not only fed my soul but increased my hunger for Him.

Disclaimer: This book review is not through the blogger program (like other books I have reviewed). The request was made through face book. I requested a free copy of the book first before linking to Anna’s site. I was not obligated to give a favourable review and the opinions, definitely are my own.

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