December 30, 2010

A New Life - A New Year

At the age of 15 God radically changed my life. I did not know Him. I did not knowingly seek Him. But He literally changed my life from darkness into light when I encountered Him.

Since then I have had a hunger for the word of God and a desire to know Him in deeper ways. There have been many desert places where God has taken me aside and proven Himself so real to me again and again. It has been in these desert places that I have heard His voice speaking to my heart as He drew me further into relationship with Him.

My life has been a journey of change where I have gone from asking God “What is He trying to teach me?” to asking Him “What does He want me to become?”

Like the woman in Luke 7, I realized that I was bound with a past that needed to be healed through brokenness. As I allowed God to touch the deep inner places of my heart, where I had built up walls of defense because of pain and sorrow, I was able to break my own alabaster jar on His feet in surrender to Him. As tears streamed down my face, and the beautiful aroma of costly perfume was released, I realized that I am no longer bound and held captive to a shameful past.

As 2011 draws near, I still feel God stirring the desire to share with other women the hope we have in Christ and that even in dry, bitter valleys He is at work causing our roots to go deep in Him.

My prayer for you is found in Psalm 84 and Joel 2.

That God will bless all of you who depend on Him for strength. That He will give you a hunger and desire to meet with Him in that sacred holy place. I ask that He will cause rain to fall into your dry valleys and what has been empty will be filled as pools with water.  I pray that your eyes will be open to see Him in His glory; to see that He is with you.  May He restore to you all that the locust has eaten giving you beauty where once was bitter ashes.  That your faith may be strengthened and you in turn will bless others with the grace that He has given to you.

A Healing Hush

Abba Father, Your love settles around me
Like the softness of a feather quilt.
You hold me in your loving embrace.
This child, once rejected and scorned,
Is held secure in Your healing arms.
The hush of the Almighty soothes a soul
Set free from secret shame.

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