December 26, 2010

Keeping our eyes on God

Life experiences have a way of developing in us the firm foundation of dependency on God if we allow God into those places. There is danger in going ahead too fast in our zeal and passion without intrinsically learning how to keep the eyes of our soul upon God.

Jesus demonstrated this continuous gaze of the soul in the direction of his Father many times in the gospels. Often we read of Him raising His eyes toward heaven and praying.

Two familiar examples are when He asked his Father to raise Lazarus from the dead and when the young lad offered up his lunch of five loaves and two fishes.

God invites us to spend time with Him and in order to do this well, we need to slow down. Time is needed for God to complete what He has begun in our lives. You don’t find time, you make time.

If you don’t make time then God may use crisis points in your life as a way of catching your attention. These God “events” are pregnant with potential. They bring us to a moment of decision, a pivotal turning point; defining moments that forever change us.

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