November 19, 2010

Daily Asking

I am so often blind to my own sin and shortcomings. Even though I try to obey Psalm 119:11 by hiding the word in my heart “so that I might not sin against Him” I find myself stumbling and falling.

In my own strength I quickly realize that I cannot change pieces of my heart. It is only God who can reach down into my stony heart to soften and transform the hardened chambers.

Daily I give Him permission to shine His truth into those darkened areas that are hidden from my sight. The spotlight of the Holy Spirit unearths those things that hinder and choke His workings.

With a bowed and humbled heart I make my confession to Him. With a contrite spirit I pour out to Him all that concerns me.

He will empty me before He fills this earthen vessel again with what He knows I have need of.

Daily I will come to this place of grace and mercy asking Him to make me more like Him.

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