November 26, 2010

A Christmas Promise

Galatians 4:4 God sent His Son, born of a woman.

What is this
Marvelous thing
You have done?

A little child.
A Saviour born.
A King promised.
A Messiah slain.
Hopes risen.
Faith dashed.

Human reason
Cannot comprehend
Your birth
Nor Your death.

And then,
The Kingdom of darkness
Trembles once more
As your rise,
Triumphant from the grave.

What plan is this?
One timeless,
The Ancient of Days
Bursts into human hearts.
What is man
That You are mindful of him?

a promise,
a babe wrapped
In swaddling clothes,
A King on a cross
And now
A King on
A heavenly throne.

Still a promise,
That we will reign
And rule
With Him
Throughout eternity.

You are free to use this but please note:
 A Christmas Promise, by Maria Egilsson
Thank you

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