November 14, 2010

Being a responsible leader

Four Cornerstones of Accountability

God has designed the Body of Christ to work like our natural body does. Each of us may have a different function but we are there for the benefit of the whole body. Your ministry is not about you, it is about what God wants to bring to the Body of Christ as a unit. That is why we need some form of accountability. To be accountable means to be responsible for something and to be answerable for your actions. Accountability protects you from yourself and the inherent seduction that comes from being in a place of influence.

There are four cornerstones that make up the framework of accountability:

1. Invite feedback

Carefully select a group of 2 – 4 women whom you trust enough to be transparent with. Meet with them one-on-one and as a group on a regular basis. Give them permission to give you honest feedback into what you teach, how you teach and how you live your life away from your ministry. Invite their scrutiny into your life so that you can walk with integrity, honesty and humility.

2. Admit mistakes

Be open about the mistakes you have made. Take responsibility for them and make amends as needed. Use mistakes as the learning tools they are.

3. Learn to depersonalize the feedback

Ministry is not about “you”, it is about the work of God through you. Don’t take offense at the feedback. Realize that you want to bring honor to Him above all things.

4. Live in community

God will use your life to not only touch the Body of Christ but the world around you. Remember that your whole life is public. There is no such thing as living one way in your “vocation” and another in your personal life. Your life is to be lived as openly as possible in every way. The people you invite into your life will help you in this. You start by being real with them.

Anyone in leadership has the potential to bring God's name into disrepute if not held accountable on a regular basis. When people look at us, they expect to see something of what Jesus is like, and it is up to us to show them. Romans 14:12 states “So then each of us shall give account of himself to God.” It is those to whom we hold ourselves accountable that will help us maintain a ministry that is pleasing to Him.

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