October 22, 2010

A Journey To Motherhood

Sharing with you some thoughts that I have penned as my son turns 18 in 3 months.  This is also in honour of his birth mother, a brave young woman who was only 18 herself when our son was born.

A Journey To Motherhood

Yesterday’s memories of empty arms
Are soothed with the fragile flame of a whispered promise
I hold you in my heart
And can only touch you in my dreams
Of trinkets and toys
And blankets edged in blue

Enraptured is my heart
Captured and held with flickering faith
I blow kisses to you
Sent on the wings of my prayer
Which are carried to you
Like dandelion wishes blowing in the wind

Hope waivers like sand in a bauble of glass
No ticking is heard as minutes pass
As gritty grain drops down from the glass
A measure of time to wait and to wonder
Shifting sands of joy and fear
Baby I wish that you were here

My arms are so empty
Yet my heart is so full of amazing love just for you
Magical thoughts of what may be
Like fairy dust sprinkles they blend with tears of dew
A rainbow of hope
Replaces barren fears

Faint footprints of tiny feet
I see with eyes of faith
Your heart I hear beat as gentle as butterfly wings
Ready to take flight from your safe cocoon
Two souls entwine to pray for you
As you soar into the golden light of the sun

Bundled and wrapped as a gift of great price
A cherished treasure woven with dreams from two hearts
“My son” I whisper as tears wash your brow
Love is an offering in coffers of gold
A measure of eternity which I now hold
Wrapped in a blanket edged in blue

My fingers tremble as I look at you
A tender touch on little toes
A light caress on a downy crown and your little face makes a frown
Hiccupping laughter through my tears
God has turned my mourning into joy
With one touch of this bundle of boy

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