September 09, 2010

What really matters

How do you know what matters?

I have spent a few days "caring for my soul".  It was time for me to take stock of where my time and energy was going.

I needed some space to allow the Holy Spirit (and my common sense) to explore where I am right now in this season of my life.

What parts of my life were "time wasters" that sucked out life instead of giving life? 

Do I have recurring thoughts about "if only I had time I would..."

What steps can I take in the direction of my "dream" (purpose, passion)?

What areas of my life really matter to me and are important?

Where Does Your Time Go?
To recognize that it isn't just managing time but a decision to use that time for what is important.

Being Mindful
To pay attention to the fact that life unfolds moment by moment.  These moments cannot be recaptured.  That is why it is important to be present in those moments.

I have identified 9 areas of importance in my life at this time.  (I have filled in 3 of the boxes for illustration)  These are what are important to me.  Giving time to each of these enhances all the parts of "me".

When I pay attention to all of these areas it brings a richness into my life as well as growth and transformation.

A place of nurturing
Family times
Time for each other
To listen
Have fun
Time for him
To listen
One-on-One time


Ministry Pursuit



Soul Care (spiritual)

Self Care
(physical &emotional)

Why am I on facebook?
I asked this question as well.  This is my answer,

I write.  I always have pens, paper handy (in every room of the house and my purse).  I write down my thoughts, prayers and reflections.  This is part of who I am.

This year God has stirred within me to begin sharing what I write in a more "public" forum and interactive venue.

I have a website, a blog and now facebook.  I am not into "self-promotion".  And believe me when I say that I looked at my motives as well this week.

So a big part of why I am on facebook is to share what I write BECAUSE writing will make me a better writer.  Publishing on a forum like facebook also gives the opportunity for feedback:

Is anyone reading it?
Does it minister to anyone?
Do I learn and grow from the feedback?
What are people saying about what I write? 
Does it stir up a hunger to seek after God?

I also really enjoy getting to know other women from different backgrounds, demographics, denominations.  Women need each other.  To cheer each other on, to pray for each other and to laugh with each other.

Facebook offers that kind of community where old friends (okay... I do have some of you listed in a category called "oldie goldies"), new friends connect around common interests and concerns.

Have you given any thought about the areas of your life that matter to you?

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