September 12, 2010

Eternity's Embrace

Eternity's Embrace

Aching heart bruised by empty loss
Bitter tears fall like scalding rain
Captured by God’s gently cupped hand
Dripped into vials spun with gold and etched in silver

Eternity’s perfume imbued with bitter myrrh
Fragrance of sacrifice mixed with blood red tears
Given as an offering of pain

Heaven waits as angels observe
In silent anticipation of impending grace

Jagged lightning blazes and bursts
Kaleidoscope colors across the optic sea

Lambent flickering of mosaic light
Moves across piercing shattered shards

Nothing is hidden and naked grief is exposed
Omniscient He sees each disconsolate dream
Pounding pulses of a broken heart He soothes

Quiets with love that was borne on a cross
Rest is offered in sacred stillness

Softly held is the agony of crushing despair
That sears with burning misery
Until it is relinquished with unclasped fist
Vesicant pain like splashes of acid drain and fall

Waiting nail-scarred hands catch descending drops
Xeric eyes are washed with heaven’s dew
Yesterday’s tears mingle with fragile faith

Zibeline comfort shrouds with sable warmth
Aching heart embraced with promised hope

Courtesy of Crosswalker

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