September 06, 2010


There was a post on facebook that I read yesterday. It was one of those "ahah moments".  You know the kind, the ones that grab your attention and won't let go:

"Thus says the LORD,"What injustice did your fathers find in Me,That they went far from Me And walked after emptiness and became empty?" Jeremiah 2:5

Then the post went on to say

"Causes me to stop and think what empty things might I have chased after in my life? And what empty things might captivate me now?"
Empty things that cause us to become empty.  Those empty things can also be good things. but not for you, nor for me, at this moment or season with God.
Things that drain life and energy from our spirit because we have stepped just a little bit away from what God has called us to do. 

Or we have said "yes" instead of "no" to some project or request.

It is time now for me to take care of my own soul.

  • Not to rush through what God has placed before me
  • To allow God to develop His character within me
  • For Him
  • For my soul to drink from the well that only God can give me

If God asks  me, “Why are you here?” I want to be able to answer Him and the only way I can is by being diligent in caring for my soul by making time for Him in my life.

This week my words are stilled while I attend to my soul.

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