August 17, 2010

Rhythm of the rain (Scripture Reflections)

The rain beats a soft melody
against the window pane of my soul.
I am soothed and calmed
by its gentle sound.

The rhythm of the falling rain
rises up as a song of hope
That quenches the thirst
of this weary pilgrim.

He has sent the rain;
the latter and the former;
the autumn and the spring rains.

I lift my hands to catch the falling drops;
like quicksilver they pool and overflow,
pouring down like oil over my head.

The rain is a healing balm
that fills every empty place.
My soul sings in harmony
to its legato beat.

Showers of words pour
from His mouth refreshing my soul.
The years of the locust are over.

Reflection from Joel 2:25-29

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