August 06, 2010

Part 4: The kingdom has come to earth Mark 1:1-12

Even the rocks will cry out
Picture used with permission by Crosswalker
The Kingdom of God has just arrived on earth.  Jesus proclaims this message even as He, Himself, is the message.

This kingdom is progressive and begins, from Jesus arrival on earth, to unfold until the end of days when He presents this kingdom back to His father.  So this kingdom "now is" and "is yet to come".  A present reality and a future reality yet to be fulfilled.

The bible has this kingdom as a central theme even while at the same time we are called to turn away from our sins and to believe on the One who has come.

The message of John the Baptist: Mark 1:8 (NIV)
 "After me will come one more powerful than I, the thongs of whose sandals I am not worthy to stoop down and untie. I baptize you with water, but he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit."

He comes: Mark 1:10 (NIV)
"As Jesus was coming up out of the water, he saw heaven being torn open and the Spirit descending on him like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: "You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased."

It beginsMark 1:12 (NIV)
At once the Spirit sent him out into the desert, and he was in the desert forty days, being tempted by Satan.
A Lamb & A Lion
(courtesy of Crosswalker)

Already we catch a glimps of this radical kingdom that has come to shatter what we believe and to turn life, as we have known it, upside down and inside out.
A beloved Son.  A Father, well-pleased.  A mental image of tender love and fatherly pride.  A hug, a "slap-on-the-back", smiles and tenderness.  The reality is so much different. 

A desert.  A demon.  Forty days of testing and torment.   These are the gifts from the hands of a well-pleased Father to his beloved Son.

The heir of the kingdom is to stake His claim and ownership; not only of the kingdom but of those that live in it under the present rule of darkness.

It is time. 
The kingdom of heaven has come to earth.


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