August 22, 2010

Fall's Illusion

Search me, O God, and know my heart. (Psalm 139:23-24)

How often we are inspired by the autumn’s splendor. Our eyes drink in the beauty of bronzed leaves and branches laden with crimson berries. Golden leaves tumble and twirl as they dance down from the sky creating a blanket of crisp and curly leaves.

Crunchy leaves under our feet bring a smile to our heart as a childhood memory warms our soul; piles of freshly raked leaves inviting us to leap into their midst. With twig adorned hair and cheeky grins, we burrowed our way out while our parents watched with indulgent, twitching smiles.

However, as fall shows off this burst of life, it is in reality an illusion. Dormancy and dryness are working its way up from the roots and life is slowly ebbing away. Fading beauty hides, for a little while longer, the dying within. Soon the façade cannot be maintained and all will see the naked truth.

It is so easy to fall into a life that is mere illusion, deceiving others and ourselves. There are a fruits still visible in our daily lives but these will fall to the ground.

We look up to our Father and no-longer see His indulgent smile. His piercing gaze slices through the marrow of our heart as He exposes what lies within. Our roots are twisted and tangled reducing the life-giving flow to a mere trickle.

His love beckons us to come and spend time with Him. The Master Arborist will prune and lop off that which is hindering the life of the Spirit within our innermost being. Let not our life be an outward illusion of slowly dying glory, but a tree whose leaves will never die and will always bear fruit deeply rooted in the soil of His word.


Father, my sight is filled with the riotous glory of autumn splendor as the golden foliage of fall is threaded with crimson berries. However, the trees are living an illusion and life is ebbing away.

Dryness caused by dormancy is winding its way up from the inside out. LORD, the lens of my life may be too dirty and I cannot see the true picture of my heart. Search me, Oh God, may my life never be a mere illusion but always deeply rooted in the soil of your word.

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