July 24, 2010


Soundless words of a hidden voice strain at the seam of my soul. Vocal rhythms yet unspoken tremble and resound within the closet of my mind. Skeletons of thought, yet un-fleshed, gnaw at my heart.

Whispered words reverberate in echoes of silent disambiguation. Muffled sounds are elucidated as their mystery is unfolded. Light illuminates fragmented thought as they burrow deep within my heart.

A redoubt of solitude protects the voice of this fledging writer as soundless words softly gather their strength. Prisms of light reflect the myriad meaning of strands of beaded thought. Those that shimmer with ambiguity are banished into the abattoir until their ambiloquence is stripped away.

Sitting quietly in this place I hear His voice on the wings of the wind, “These words shall live”. The soft rattle of dry bones make a cacophony of disjointed sound as fragments of thought join together as one. Sinew upon sinew, flesh upon flesh, the words stand upon their feet as His breath blows upon this dry valley of bones.

The euphonious wind creates an arrangement of melodic sound that can no longer be restrained. Whispered words become a shout pregnant with the promise of new life.

With pen in hand I begin to write the words that speak from deep within. An army of ordinary words yet their sound will be heard by hearts that are hungry to hear.

“Nature bends its ear to hear the voice of Him who calls. Seasons of life come and go and come again. New life will spring forth; in His time and in its season. God whispers His promise in the wind; “rain will come, it will fall on the dry and thirsty land.” God whispers and the land will bloom again.”

*this was an article written for a Faithwriters challenge.  They merely give a topic which you then write on.  The topic was simply "HEAR".

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