July 28, 2010

Pristine snow lays cold upon the ground.
Icy winds have polished the drifts
Until they gleam under the weak rays of the winter sun.
For the one who sits in warmth,
A wonderland it seems of sorts.

But there is another that God bids “come”.
The winter season of the soul
Is more than glittering frost on icy ground;
It’s a cold and cheerless night
Where no end is seen in sight.

The frosty breath swirls in mists
As toes get colder in the drifts.
No other one has walked this way
As undisturbed the snow still lays.

The gentle sun does shine this day
But just enough light for one step away.
Lack of life, warmth and cheer
Are what is with us here.

Yet our hope is held fast
Knowing that this time won’t last
The cold cloaks secrets in the snow
A miracle of life is what we know.

In the fullness of His time
A bulb will open to the light.
And the seeds will begin to sprout.
So this path is deep with snow,
Yet step by step with Him we go.

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