June 02, 2010

Is prayer a chore?

Mystically Wired, exploring new realms in prayer by Ken Wilson is a book that touches on science and religion. The first part of the book explains the fascinating ways that science has proven the impact that prayer and meditation has on the brain. I preferred the second part that really began to explain what the author meant by new realms of prayer and attempted to use his own experiences to highlight the points.

This book had a few aspects of prayer that were refreshing. The author gave practical advice as well as insight. There is an appendix that summarizes the “Ten practices to Explore New Realms in Prayer.” I love how the author highlights that “prayer is an instinct not an impossible chore.” Most books on prayer leave you with the feeling that you have to push more, do more, set more time, etc. This book doesn’t. I found that once I read past the first part I began to enjoy this book very much. Mystically Wired is well worth reading and I know that I am going to take to heart a couple of the ten practices that the author illustrates.

This book was a gift from Thomas Nelson Publishers through their Booksneeze for Bloggers program. I choose the books I want to read and the reviews and responses are my own.

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