June 10, 2010

He bids me "come" (Easter Devotion)

I follow the crowd once again.  This time it is not to hear Him.  He is condemned to die.  An innocent man who has done no wrong.  The sky grows eerily dark and strange things are seen upon this land.  It is finished.

My heart is sore and yet.... hope rises within me.  I don't understand.  Yet I know that there is more.  This is the beginning of something that will change men forever.

An empty tomb beckons me.  He is not there, He has risen from the grave.   

A whispered longing is deep within my soul. I find myself seeking the One who calls my heart to “come”.

My soul is drawn to seek His face. Daily I search for Him while in this earthly place. I am but a stranger walking through this land.

Yet He walks with me and holds my hand. This journey of life, it has its place but life’s pleasures can only hold a measure of hope, or so I’m told.

A taste, a glimpse is all I see of Christ’s destiny for me. I reach, I grasp, I press to hold that which glimmers with streets of gold.

A piece of me is in that place when I was saved by heaven’s grace. My heart is set, my course is sure, as I set sail for distant shores.

The sea is rough and waves are strong, but His love will guide me on.

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