May 11, 2010

Turning off the gift

It is easy for me to find illustrations, stories, teachings from pretty well anything that I read.  This is my God-given temperament.  However I need to "turn off the gift" at times in order to simply receive. 

My heart is being drawn to encounter Jesus anew and afresh. What better place to start than the gospels.  It's not His teachings that are pulling me this time.

I want to experience Jesus like the people of His day did.  The day-to-day interactions that Jesus had with common folk, like you and I.

I want to embrace the wonder, the excitement, the fear and the faith all over again through fresh eyes.

Matthew 1 (The Message)

18 The birth of Jesus took place like this. His mother, Mary, was engaged to be married to Joseph. Before they came to the marriage bed, Joseph discovered she was pregnant. (It was by the Holy Spirit, but he didn't know that.)

The angel spoke to Joseph in a dream "She will bring a son to birth, and when she does, you, Joseph, will name him Jesus—'God saves'—because he will save his people from their sins."

The meaning of His name: "Immanuel (Hebrew for "God is with us").

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